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Enabling long-lasting community transformation in Zambia through quality education


Since 2008, we have been partnering with community schools in Zambia to help bring much needed education and nutrition to some of the most vulnerable children in those communities.
We have supported the teaching and senior staff of our partner community schools by offering training and professional development with the aim that they will be able to offer a high standard of education and enable these children to reach their potential and ultimately to break the cycle of poverty. We have also provided financial assistance for teachers’ salaries, school feeding programmes and high school bursaries.

Over the years the professional support we have offered to our partner schools has widened to include additional community schools and, in 2018, we started conducting training with government schools and those in the private sector.

Beyond Ourselves is the expression of our heart to live life generously, daring to dream for others and make a difference.

We would love you to join us in living Beyond Ourselves, whether you’re an individual, a school, a business or a church – there’s a way to get involved and make a difference! Get in touch to find out how.

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