Alternative Gifts!

By Jodie Collins on 21st May 2012

There are some definite highlights to this job and one of them is getting to visit Zambia and see everybody we are working with out there and all the amazing things that are happening at the schools we partner with!

On our recent trip we got to be part of a really special day – the day when Greater Joy School gave out their alternative gifts to people in the community. The gifts included mosquito nets, food parcels, braziers & charcoal, flip flops, blankets and bicycles!

The atmosphere in the church was one of celebration as everyone cheered as others went up to collect their gifts; gifts that were going to make a big difference to these widows and families in the community.

If you have been so generous to buy a gift over the past year, thank you so much, please know that you made this day happen and put the smiles on these faces…

(And thank you for making my job so fantastic!)

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