Delicious Donut Fundraiser!

By Jodie Collins on 13th March 2018

Every year Beyond Ourselves awards secondary school bursaries to our former primary school graduates so the most academically gifted and the most financially unable students are able to continue with their education. We currently award 120 bursaries each year.

This year we took a look back on how some of the bursary students have grown since their time in our schools. It’s lovely to see the way these former pupils are maturing and it’s exciting to see them continue to pursue their academic dreams. Just this year one of the students we support had such high exam results that he was chosen to go to a more prestigious government school!

The bursaries given cost £75/$130CDN. They cover school fees to attend local government schools as well as help with costs of books and school uniform. These bursaries don’t come under our child sponsorship programme so we always fundraise for them separately.

Over the last couple of weeks a small group from Canada have been making donuts and selling them to raise money specifically for these bursaries. They made over 70 dozen donuts (840+ donuts!) and raised just over $4300CDN! Wow!! This $4300 provides the means for 33 students to attend secondary school! Amazing!

If you didn’t get a chance to eat any delicious donuts and make a donation but would still like to help support a secondary school student continue their education, you can make a donation by clicking here.–annual-/?a=sl

Thank you to those in Canada for making and eating so many donuts and for giving so generously!!


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