Introducing Ireen Kunda Mwanza.

By Jodie Collins on 9th April 2018

The New Headteacher for Janna Community school

Ireen Kunda Mwanza is the new headteacher for Janna. Ireen born from a family of seven (7) is married with two children both schooling at Janna community school.

Smiling Ireen
Ireen and her two children

Ireen who has been working for Janna for 12 years got her inspiration of becoming a teacher way back when she was appointed as sunday school teacher at church. It was then that she had a conviction of making a difference in the lives of children and just become a mentor through teaching. 

Great Excitement H3

She is very excited about her elevation as head teacher and appreciates the confidence that people have shown in her. She adds that, ‘sometimes it feels like no one notices your hard work.’ She believes that all leadership comes from God and is excited to see how she will work with other staff members in her new position. She was quick to add that the new role entails a lot of learning which she was willing to do as she is always looking at making herself better with excellence in all she does.

Asked about how she feels about the high score that the school recorded in last year’s grade seven exams, she attributes the success to every teacher’s effort. She hopes that people will begin to appreciate the positive difference that the community schools are making in the educational sector in Zambia.

Asked where she sees herself in the next 5 years, she responds with a smile and says ‘definitely a better teacher and head than I am now, as am always looking at ways of becoming better each day that comes.’

In her spare time away from school, she loves to spend time with her family and teach her children how to bake.

Ireen’s Daughter
Ireen’s Son

Her favourite food is Nshima and Chicken.

She dislikes people who are always complaining because complaining has never changed a thing on its on without action.

By Linda Kaluba

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