About Beyond Ourselves

Find out more about who we are and why we do what we do

Nine children at a Zambian school that is partnered with Beyond Ourselves

Our Story

Back in 2007 my family business in North London wanted our company to be about more than making money – we wanted to make a difference. We didn’t just want to line shareholders’ pockets, we wanted to live ‘beyond ourselves’…

Our Vision and Mission

We are passionate about education.

Our vision is for every child in Zambia to not only have an education, but a quality education, that gives them a chance to achieve their potential and be free from poverty…

Teacher at Zambian school teaching children english
Girl writing in a Zambian school partnered with Beyond Ourselves

Our Philosophy

When we started our narrative was very much about ‘making a difference’. We were aware there are no quick-fixes to poverty alleviation and knew we were committed to long-term change. Yet we have learned it is perhaps a little less about ‘making a difference’ and more about mutuality and empowerment…

Our Team

We have an incredible team at Beyond Ourselves; passionate, committed and fun!
Five of the Beyond Ourselves team at a celebration