Our Vision and Mission

We are passionate about education.

Our vision is for every child in Zambia to not only have an education, but a quality education, that gives them a chance to achieve their potential and be free from poverty.

We believe literacy transforms lives. Our mission is to facilitate literacy training across Zambia.

Beyond Ourselves has three primary ways in which we work in the education sector:

  • We partner together with community schools in the Copperbelt Province in Zambia. We aim to help alleviate poverty in these communities, primarily through offering employment, quality Christian education and feeding programmes.
  • We work together with the Ministry of General Education in Zambia to facilitate literacy training. We work with government, private and community schools, teaching teachers to best help their pupils learn to read and write.
  • We promote the dignity and well-being of the girl-child by partnering with schools to teach girls about their identity, worth and significance in God by facilitating Dignity Days and the Cherished Dignity mentoring programme as well as sexual health training.