Donate to Beyond Ourselves

Whatever you are able to give, from £1 to £1,000, every pound helps make the work of Beyond Ourselves possible.

Zambian school teacher holding sign that reads: 'Give Online'

Give Online

The simplest way to donate to Beyond Ourselves, just click the give button to give a one off donation or set up a regular gift.

Through your bank

Our favourite way (especially for larger amounts) because there are no charges, so we receive the full amount that you give to Beyond Ourselves!

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Account Name | Restore Community

Please reference your payment with your surname and don’t forget to let us know and fill out the Gift Aid form below.

Thank you!

Zambian school teacher holding sign that reads: 'Give Through Your Bank'


If you’re a UK taxpayer then please take advantage of the Government’s Gift Aid Scheme. You only need to complete the form below once. This will enable us to reclaim the basic rate tax you have paid on any gifts you make to us, that’s a further £25 on a gift of £100 at no further cost to you. Simply complete the form & return it to the Beyond Ourselves (Restore Community) office.

Amazon Smile

By switching to Amazon Smile you can raise money for Beyond Oursleves by shopping as you normally do through Amazon.