Get Involved as a Business

Bring the joy to work by doing some fun activities and raising money at the same time!

Beyond Ourselves started out of the heart of one business wanting to contribute to something bigger than themselves. We have continued to partner with this business and many others over the years who have raised funds for Beyond Ourselves. Some businesses really enjoy the unity of having a ‘charity of the year’ as part of their Core Values. Explore the many way that you can get involved as a business through our events, by fundraising or by donating.


We have had Companies taking part in The Brighton Marathon, the Royal Parks Half Marathon and sponsored bike rides, golf days. It’s a great way to achieve personal goals and have your colleagues cheering you on by your side as you also help to raise funds.

Recent Event

A Round of Golf with Beyond Ourselves

On Thursday 6th July we welcomed supporters and their friends to Crews Hill Golf Club for a round of golf and an informal light meal. 
A great day was had by all and we were thankful for people's continued generosity towards us and our work.

‘We feel privileged as a Firm to partner with Beyond Ourselves in their child sponsorship scheme and are so pleased to sponsor some children at a community school in Zambia.’
Shen Yap
Partner, Barnes Roffe Chartered Accountants


Other company fundraisers that go well are the infamous cake sale which always lifts staff morale, dress down days, sponsored weight loss programmes, raffles and many others.
Two Stephen James BMW employees getting involved by running a cake sale to fundraise for Beyond Ourselves

Friday Cake Sales

Friday cake sales are always a great end to the week and can raise quite a lot of money over the year.  They can get quite competitive too! 

Man completing a slimathon event to raise money for Beyond Ourselves


A very successful sponsored slimathon took place this year in one Company -  beneficial for them and for Beyond Ourselves - whilst they lost the pounds, Beyond Ourselves gained them!

Group of women at a fashion show fundraising for Beyond Ourselves at Stephen James BMW

Fashion Shows

One company held a fashion show in their Reception which was a real laugh and a great fundraiser too. 

Donate as a business

Find out how your business can connect, contribute to a specific project and make a direct impact on education in Zambia.

We have had the privilege of supporting Beyond Ourselves since the charity’s inception.

Each year they have shown unprecedented growth and represent a charity where every pound contributed makes a difference to the children and community they support.

Their direct child sponsorship gives an increased meaning as our staff have a child’s face to associate with funds raised.

The level of communication between them and our business is excellent, bringing improved awareness and buy in from our staff.

It is great to be associated with a charity which is making such a positive difference to the lives of the people it is supporting.

Peter Williams
Finance Director, Stephen James BMW Automotive
‘We would like to share how delighted we are with our ongoing sponsorship of Beyond Ourselves. We continue to help support 15 children in their education and it feels like even our modest contribution makes a huge difference to opening up education and promoting health in a very challenging environment. It is a reminder just how lucky we are and the sponsorship gives some context to our daily work lives.’
Canice Hogan
Shadowhound Ltd

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