Joy at Greater Joy

The beginning of 2022 was a big moment for us and all at Greater Joy Community School. After a decade of partnering professionally and financially with the school, we transitioned out of the child sponsorship programme and our formal partnership with them. And Greater Joy stepped out on their own…

Whilst in Zambia this past month, I (Jodie) caught up with the School Directors, Ospeck and Angelina Sichilongo (pictured), to find out how things are going at the school.

They said there was definitely some nervousness as 2021 (and our partnership) came to an end. Ospeck and Angelina were unsure how much the community would get behind them and contribute to costs which we had previously covered.

However, they needn’t have worried! When they called a meeting with all the parents there was an overwhelming and unanimous show of support and willingness to contribute to the school’s future.

If there had been any concern about pupils leaving and moving to other schools, it was unfounded. The school is at capacity with 350 pupils filling the classes from Pre-School (Baby Class) to Grade 7.

And the parents are coming good on their promise to contribute to the teachers’ salaries too.

Ospeck and Angelina are even talking about plans to paint the classrooms later this term to brighten up the school for the children.

So it was great to hear and easy to see that Greater Joy Community School is most definitely a place that still lives up to its name!