Prison Training

It has been a surprisingly recent development that the Prison Services in Zambia underwent a significant shift that saw them change their name and focus to “Correctional Facilities’. Their mandate was primarily about crime and punishment and the detention of those who had broken the law. However, in 2018, this seismic change occurred and, with it, a range of initiatives began with the purpose of bringing the rehabilitation of inmates so they would leave prison being better equipped to add value to society upon their release.

Earlier this year Beyond Ourselves were privileged to be invited to contribute to this process when we were asked to travel to Kabwe to conduct Literacy training for those involved in teaching the inmates of the notorious Mukobeko prison – the largest maximum-security prison in Southern Africa.

We ran a two-day workshop for 16 officers and 34 inmates from four neighbouring prisons into how to better deliver the skills of reading and writing in English. Participants were enthusiastic and committed and showed excellent understanding in the principals taught. 

It was a really enjoyable two-days, and we remain excited about the potential of this partnership. Beyond Ourselves are passionate about education and strongly believe in the power of releasing potential in others. It really was an absolute honour to be given the opportunity to add value to this endeavour in supporting those who are, in turn, supporting others.

Beyond Ourselves are seeing the impact that Jolly Phonics can have on delivering literacy to learners of all ages and we are currently exploring additional adult education opportunities across Zambia.