Joy at Greater Joy

Whilst in Zambia this past month, I (Jodie) caught up with the School Directors, Ospeck and Angelina Sichilongo (pictured), to find out how things are going at the school.

Having an impact ‘beyond ourselves’!

Through our Community Impact Fund we are thrilled to be able to bless community schools and organisations who are also doing work in Zambia which is aligned with our heart and vision . It’s our way of going beyond ourselves and ensuring the impact we have here in Zambia is greater than what we could have on our own. 

Copperbelt Rollout!

In December, during The Big Give Christmas Challenge, we raised over £18,000 for Beyond Ourselves to impact English literacy levels throughout Zambia during 2022.

Here’s what we’ve done since.

The Big Give Christmas Challenge 2021

We were delighted to take part in The Big Give Christmas Challenge  30th November- 7th December.

It was the fourth year we have joined in with the match-funding campaign. Yet again, thanks to everyone’s generosity we exceeded our fundraising target of £15,000 and raised a total of £18,199.11. 

We’ve been releasing potential through teacher training & mentoring for the last 9 years. In 2022 we will be building on our partnerships with the Ministry of General Education and other key educational organisations to deliver literacy training across Zambia.

A huge thank you to everyone who gave to this fantastic campaign helping us to deliver much needed literacy training in Zambia.