What we do

Learn about our partner schools, literacy training and dignity programme

Community Schools

We partner together with community schools; empowering their senior leadership teams to run their schools more effectively. We have mentored the Head Teachers and developed their leadership skills as they plan and implement school improvement plans.

We also have ongoing feeding programmes at our partner schools which provide a hot meal to each school child every school day. This really lifts a financial burden in many families. For those most vulnerable we distribute food parcels or other practical gifts that may assist them.

Zambian teaching young children from a blackboard

Education Development

We develop education resources with local specialists and are working with the Zambian Ministry of Education to train teachers in the Jolly Phonics literacy programme.

Research shows the higher the literacy rate, the higher the socio-economic and human development of a nation. Hence, literacy not only empowers individuals, families and communities, but it also reduces poverty, improves quality of life, helps to attain gender equality and ensures peace, democracy and sustainable development.

Group of Zambian children wearing pink shirts at school

Dignity Training

Beyond Ourselves also promotes the dignity and well-being of the girl-child by partnering with schools to teach girls about their identity, worth and significance in God by facilitating Dignity Days and the Cherished Dignity mentoring programme as well as sexual health training.
Teaching children about dignity at Zambian school