Child Sponsorship


We are partnering with community primary schools in Zambia, offering quality education to children who might not otherwise be in school. The schools provide a safe and secure learning environment, a meal every school day and a strong foundation for the children’s future. The children are achieving consistently high results in national exams and many are going on to thrive at High School. If you would like to join us in making a difference, you can sponsor a child with us.

This gift provides education and nutrition for each child sponsored. Most children in this scheme range from ages 5-15 or Nursery to Grade 7.

There are some older children who are still in younger Grades because they have sadly not had the opportunity to attend school until the community school in their area was built. All of the children who attend the community schools we partner with are vulnerable, all are poor and many are orphaned. 

100% of the £16.00 goes to the project, so if you would like to make a difference please click here to set up at Standing Order or drop us an email