Prison Training

Inmates of the notorious Mukobeko prison

It has been a surprisingly recent development that the Prison Services in Zambia underwent a significant shift that saw them change their name and focus to “Correctional Facilities’. Their mandate was primarily about crime and punishment and the detention of those who had broken the law. However, in 2018, this seismic change occurred and, with […]

Kamatipa Build

Zambian local workers constructing a small classroom block for the Kamatipa Community School

Beyond Ourselves is partnering together with Kamatipa Community School to build a small classroom block for their school.  We recently sat down with the pastor and founder of the school, Moses Tembo, to talk about the need in the community and the impact this school building will have. Pastoring a church in Kamatipa brought a […]

Dignity Day

Teaching children about dignity at Zambian school

In Zambia, most parents are not as available and free to talk to the girl child on issues affecting them. The only time a parent, through an aunt, speaks to the girl child is when the child reaches puberty or is about to get married. And this is mainly restricted to how to enhance their […]